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Who would like to wake up to a sight where there is a stranger right next to your bed, pointing a knife at you? Or is it good, if you have some uninvited guest at your home, before you entered? What do you do in such situations? Panic, shout and try to escape from them! But how will you escape? Do you have any defense mechanism in place? Have you learnt the art of defense?

Well, we are pretty sure that not all of them would think about installing safety features in home, for defense against the threats. To get a good plan, you must think like a burglar/thief/criminal. Only then you can think of ways from escaping the attack safely, without any harm to anyone’s lives.

Well, for such situations pre-planning is very important. And having some weapons to ensure your safety is utmost important. In that category, pistols and guns come in handy to your rescue. In many countries for the same reason, they have legalised use of guns by regular public when they encounter danger to their existence.

We shall tell you few of the best handguns suited for home defense.

* Glock 19 gen 4

* Glock 26gen 4

* Ruger GP100

One of the best pistols and guns manufacturing company is Glock. And their guns are suited to many needs. Glock 26 is one of them. G26 is compact to enable you keep them handy, hiding from the attacker. It weighs 21 ounces approx., and has been made for a two finger grip. With slide-stop lever fixed on the left, this has a reversible magazine catch enabling easy shifting to the opposite side. This model comes with a 10round magazine. Though this is never a winner in the fashionable category, but is known for its reliability. Cleaning options are easy for this model. It is a utilitarian handgun, chosen by many for different needs. when you need a gun for a purpose, this is sure to be the right choice. They are on sale: glock 26 for cheap too, you don’t need to think twice about accommodating it in your pocket.

The next one is the Ruger GP100, 6 round Magnum gun. This model has a defined grip frame to facilitate various custom grips required for various customers. The reliable firing shots, and a perfect alignment is achieved by triple locking cylinder which is locked into the frame at the back, front and rear ends. If you have this one, you can do repeated firing without feeling any tiredness or the urge to stop, and you need no special tools for assembly and maintenance. When there are so many simple and good features, this definitely is the best handgun for home defence .

The Ruger gp-100 grips and accessories [online] include deals on hand grips, inserts, belt holster, monogrip and others. You get every accessory for your need and that glam touch, online at great prices too.

The next brand in the list is the Sig Sauer. These firearms are mainly used for commercial purposes and law enforcement purposes. They are also best suited for self defense too. These guns are superior in their functionality and boast of having the best materials and designs going into the manufacturing.

The top 3 models in this brand are:

* Sig Sauer P226

* Sig Sauer P238

* Sig Sauer 1911

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