Places Where You Can Use A Solar Panel

If the concept of using solar energy as a power source is completely new to you, then it is high time you educate yourself and make the switch. Solar power systems are no more those complicated set-ups that cost tens of thousands of dollars as now with just a single solar panel you can power appliances in your home, charge your gadgets in your car, power your RV’s, motor homes and do much more.

1. Home

The best place to use solar energy is your home, as our houses are filled with gadgets and appliances that use electricity. Also you have to pay for using electricity, whereas solar power is absolutely free and totally unlimited.

Reasons to use solar power in your homes:

* You will see a considerable decrease in the amount of your electricity bill

* Solar energy is clean and hence you can reduce your carbon footprint

* A solar system can be used as a power back-up in the event of a natural disaster

2. Car charger

Solar car chargers are great to keep your car battery fully charged at all times. In addition to charging your phones, you will also have enough power to charge items like a baby bottle warmer or a seat massager, which is great for those long drives. A portable electric car charger – small will give you all the power you need when you are on the go.

3. RV, motor homes and other off-grid applications

Traditional gas-powered generators can be very noisy not to forget the amount of money you need to spend on the fuel. It is also frustrating to always worry about having a gas station nearby when you are on your trip.

Installing solar panels in your RV or a motor home does not take a lot of effort. In fact, they are quite affordable and very easy to set up. You can find affordable top quality 400w solar panels! Since most high-end RVs have their own batteries, you won’t even have to buy a separate battery to store the solar energy.

4. Solar generator

When you are camping out, you will need a power source for charging your devices such as smartphones, laptops etc. So when you are off-grid, whether you are inside the comfort of your RV or out in the wilderness, it is important to have a reliable power source to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances.

In such cases a compact 18AH / solar generator battery can come in handy as you don’t want to be carrying a lot of weight, especially if you are backpacking. These generators come with the necessary sockets and USB ports for directly charging your devices.

What’s even better you can also choose a solar powered generators that double as a power bank. These are great because, they are not powered only through solar panels, but can also be charged by plugging into a regular wall socket or into the car’s adapter. You can read up the Goal Zero REVIEWS 2017 for one such option.